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Dr. Thomas W. Fengler at BVMed Hygieneforum 2015 on Nosocomial Infections.

    "Hospital hygiene remains a key challenge in the German health care system and will in the future play a major role in the quality measurement of clinics. The avoidance of hospital infections should not rely on individual actions, but use and implement bundling strategies. This was the consensus of the experts at the 4th BVMed Hygiene Forum "Prevention of Nosocomial Infections" on 2nd December 2015 in Berlin, with more than 100 participants."

    Our presentation dealt with KRINKO 2012 (a guideline on hygiene in the processing of medical devices). Quote from the press release of BVMed: "Fengler urged for greater simplicity and clarity of the recommendation and suggested to shift the focus on possible risks in part, for example on the subject of Tuberculosis. As a "central document preparation" the KRINKO 2012 had special significance. For this reason, he suggested republishing this important recommendation after didactic reduction."

    A summary of the presentations of the event can be   read here [in German]

CLEANICAL participates in the ZIM-KOOP-Project "ChiruClan"

    - Development of an enzyme-based cleaning process for safe and validated reprocessing of surgical instruments"

    The project started 01/01/2014 and is currently in the extension. It is dedicated to the development of novel enzymatic cleaning procedures for surgical instruments together with 2 research facilities and two other companies.

NEW: The International Forum Medical Devices & Processes is bilingual.

Just out: Volume 25 of the series

    "International FORUM Medical Devices & Processes" with the topic
    "Cleaning is the Physical Form of Disinfection" collects the best articles from the volumes 23 and 24 in English. The journal will be out in time for MEDICA (11/16/2015)

      Download it   here

In preparation: Black Box Cleaning [2016, in German]

    Our experiences with the reprocessing of medical devices, as gathered during 15 years of FORUM-Congresses and Booklets and our work as professional validators - compressed into the form of a book.
    Due October 2016.

Volume 24 of the series

    "International FORUM Medical Devices & Processes" with the topic
    "Fachkunde (er)arbeiten: Helmut Pahlke in memoriam" (only in german)
    "Technical qualification work: Helmut Pahlke in memoriam"

      Download it   here


    "Por último 2011 – 2015 / En fin de compte 2011 – 2015
    Content: The most interesting articles of "International FORUM Medical Devices & Processes" in spanish and in french translation. A very popular booklet with many participants of "1o Congreso Iberoamericano Esterilización" in June 2015, Barranquilla/Colombia.

      Download it   here

Volume 23 of the series

    "International FORUM Medical Devices & Processes" with the topic
    "Reinigung ist die physikalische Form der Desinfektion" (Cleaning is the Physical Form of Disinfection“) in German.

      Download it   here

new location: CLEANICAL Ltd.
neuer Standort: CLEANICAL ® GmbH
new adress
since February 2014:

Scharnhorststraße 3
10115 Berlin

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In February 2014 we've moved our offices to an exciting new location:
former Kaiserin-Augusta-Hospital in Berlin Mitte - a freshly restored historical building and new headquarter of Karl Storz Endoskope’s Berlin branch.

Our "Glossary for KRINKO 2012" was published in Management and Hospital
(White Paper Supplement) and can be accessed online at:

updated   04 / 2016